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Sponsors’ Guide

Chairs - Scientific evidence in support

Scientific Chairs: Sponsors’ Guide Sponsors’ Guide

Sponsors of scientific chairs will have the following prerogatives:

  - Naming the chair and its facilities after the sponsor and being acknowledged in all the chair’s intellectual and scientific publications/products such as research papers and patents
  - Reviewing the chair’s scientific achievements and financial reports
  - Registering the chair in the University’s Golden Book
  -(For businesses) Increasing productivity/profits through the application of relevant scientific findings that might help create a new product; or developing new methods based on the chair’s scientific research.

To Sponsor a Scientific Chair at KAU:

  1- Send an official letter to His Excellency, the President of the King Abdulaziz University or the Research and Consulting Institute’s dean stating your interest in sponsoring or supporting a scientific chair.
  2- The University Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Office will then post an ad about the chair asking members of the teaching staff to present their proposals on the chair’s subject.
  3- The Scientific Chairs Committee will subsequently appoint the appropriate research team.
  4- Once those steps are teaken, RACI will contact the sponsor and arrange a meeting to present the chairs general idea and the sponsorship proposal
  5- Once the sponsor accepts the proposal, a meeting between the two parties will be arranged to sign the contract. At that meeting, the university will be represented by His Excellency, the President of the University.
  6- The sponsor will be contacted and thanked upon receipt of the first payment or the whole sum required for sponsoring the chair.
  7- An internal contract will then be signed to arrange the details of the budget with the chair’s professor or senior researchers previously nominated by the committee.
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