Research And Consulting Institute

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About the Institute - our capabilities

About RACI: Personnel and Facilities

RACI is distinguished by its broad base of qualified experts with PhDs from the most prestigious European and American universities.

    - Over 2500 experts with PhDs in diverse branches of knowledge
    - Over 1250 researcher assistants and lab technicians
    - Over 1500 lecturers and teaching assistants
    - Over 2500 male and female postgraduate students
    - An administrative staff of over 3200 employees
    - 110 thousand male and female students

In providing its services, RACI employs the university’s resourceful infrastructure which includes academic faculties and their departments, research centers, state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries and information technology systems which include

    - 18 colleges and faculties in various fields
    - Over 100 academic departments
    - Over 300 well-equipped laboratories
    - A central library with an access to numerous international academic journals and databases
    - A modern medical center quipped with the most up-to-date technology, 13 medical departments and a highly qualified medical team of over 100 members, as well as the capacity of 895 beds.
    - Various deanships and support centers providing professional services as well as technical support such as the Deanship of Information Technology, the Distance Learning Deanship and the English Language Institute.
    - A modern information technology infrastructure linking different sections and branches of the university to each other and to the World Wide Web.
    - The university has 9 research centers specialized in different engineering, medical, scientific, and economic fields:
      1- Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research
      2- Center for Nanotechnology
      3- Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies
      4- Water Research Center
      5- King Fahad Center for Medical Research
      6- Research and Development Center
      7- 7-Islamic Economic Research Center
      8- The Faculty of Arts and Humanities’ Research Center
      9- The Center of Excellence in Desalination Technology
      10- The Agricultural Research Station at Hada Asham
      11- The Center of Excellence for Osteoporosis Research

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