Research And Consulting Institute

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Our capabilities

Characterized by King Abdul Aziz University a broad base of qualified scientific cadres of the PhD degree from prestigious American and European
More than 2500 expert of the PhD degree in various fields of knowledge
more than 1250 research assistant and lab technician
More than 2500 students and a graduate student
More than 3200 employees, constituting the administrative system supporting
More than 110 thousand students
Institute relies in providing services to the infrastructure of the King Abdul-Aziz

University faculties, and scientific departments, research centers and high-end, and modern laboratories, and libraries, and their IT systems of :
24 colleges in various fields
More than 100 academic experts Section
More than 300 factory-equipped and specialized
A central resource library involved in many specialized journals are linked to networks and the rules of a global information
Modern equipment and a medical center with a medical team of 13 medical staff and high-level members from more than per cent and capacity of 895 beds
Deanships and supporting centers provide specialized technical services Deanship of Information Technology and distance education and English Language Institute
The structure of modern information technology sectors and branches of linking the university in various regions to each other and the world through a global network and provide various benefits and facilities for the University employees and students everywhere
The University comprises 9 research centers specializing in various fields of science, medical, engineering, economic, social and other
1 - Center of Excellence in Genomic Medicine Research
2 - Center of Nanotechnology
3 - Center of Excellence in Environmental Studies
4 - Water Research Center
5 - King Fahd Center for Medical Research
6 - Research and Development Center
7 - Islamic Economics Research Center
8 - Focused on Islamic Economics Research
9 - Research Center, Faculty of Arts
10 - Research Center of Excellence in desalination technology
11 - Agricultural Research Station under the guidance Sham
12 - Center of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis
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