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Dean's Foreword

In the name of Allah, peace and prayer be upon the Prophet Muhammad . King Abdul-Aziz University as a leading university has always persuaded to develop human resources to serve the community since its early days, our university has continued giving and stretching its hands in every direction to support science. KAU has managed to benefit and utilize its experience and others experiences as well to develop and nationalize science to benefit the Saudi society scientifically and practically. It has always exerted its efforts to achieve excellence in all disciplines, research and useful programs. Throughout Research and Consulting Institute (RACI), the founder university has built different collaboration bridges to communicate with public and private sectors to provide consulting, research studies and necessary applications for practices and research in several scientific majors with our desire to nationalize the technology. The Institute also contributes through the university in building the emerging universities,whether governmental or private. It offers academic and scientific supervision and consulting to National Institutes as well, RACI has attracted - by the grace of God – professionals in multi domains who are interested in contributing to their communities in terms of facilitating new ideans to serve scientists locally and globally. 

RACI is determined to improve its services to clients and work seriously since its establishment in 1418 H, it works by the hands of people with high caliber.. they have aspirations that enabled them to create a distinctive imprint on RACI's goodwill. Those men are continuing today their hard work to achieve the clients expectations keeping in mind their efforts towards the perfect representation of KAU. RACI will continue working by the participation and dedication of our staff. We will endeavor to remain the most fundamental and strategic options for public and private institutions inside and outside the Kingdom, and through its high-quality professional to serve the beneficiaries of our services. 

Dr.Abdullah Ahmed Alghamdi

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