Research And Consulting Institute

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Quality Policy

The Research and Consulting Institute is the university’s gate as it promotes its research studies and consultation facilities to different sectors. RACI offers contracting research, consultation and supervision services as well as the administration of scientific chairs. It reaches to the community through a number of pioneering services to select clients.

RACI targets research and consulting opportunities outside the university. It presents KAU as an established national consultation provider which therefore increases the community’s trust in the university as a source of inventive solutions to development issues in different sectors, and enhances those sectors’ performance and ability to compete.

RACI ceaselessly works on improving the quality of its services through training, continuous development, consolidating resources, creating a good work environment and building up an administrative team capable of effective leadership to ensure the efficacy of quality policies and better our services to meet our clients’ expectations.

RACI is committed to preserving its pioneering local position and achieving a more distinctive one through the efficient implementation, and continuous periodic revision, of the ISO 9001-2000 quality management standards.

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