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They said on the chairs

in the concept of good j to the Foundation Hassan Taher charities not limited to providing individual assistance to the needy, but amounts to the Foundation to support scientific research to serve the medical community and advancing the development and capabilities of the scientific advancement of excellence in the service of the Saudi society.
Hassan Taher Charitable Foundation
It is an honor for me to occupy the chair SABIC for Catalysis at King Abdul-Aziz University, which will be a good opportunity to participate in the establishment of a distinguished research in the field of catalysts, petrochemical industries, which will help the industrial development and settlement of technology petrochemical industries in Saudi Arabia.
Professor / l. Petrov, Professor SABIC Chairman of the Institute of Catalysis and catalysts Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria earlier

What we have done studies have highlighted the problem of osteoporosis in the UK for the first time through in-depth scientific studies, an unprecedented store the latest scientific methods in the studies and scientific research.
A. D. Mohammed bin Salih Aerdhaoui - Foundation Professor Hassan Taher charity Osteoporosis
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