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Research And Consultations institute (RACI) make a collective breakfast for its members

The research and consultations institute Has celebrated in Wednesday 18 / 09 / 1434 H the coinciding 16 / 07 / 2013 AD a party of yearly breakfast to its members , the party has been established in a restaurant in In Crown Plaza hotel, and on this occasion exchange of congratulations and congratulations took place by this holy month and the exchange of friendly talks, The organization of these benevolent meetings comes an extension of the institute policy through the activation of the continuation and the care for the moral sides of the employees and the preparation of the environment suitable for the work by what is reflected affirmatively in the productive operation, The institute is keen on the exploitation of such opportunities benevolent so that he invests it with the partnership of an assembly through them the institute employees to maintain the preservation of the ties and the good relations between its members and a consolidation of the values of the continuation from what encourages the constructive fruitful spirit of cooperation and receiving the suggestions in all among them what which would lead to the improvement and the presentation of distinguished levels.

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