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News of the conclusion of the final championship Institute

Concluded yesterday evening Saturday, 06/19/1435, corresponding to 04/19/2014 AD, championship events Institute of Research and Consultation first football for the year 1435 AH, in the first version, which was held over three weeks, with the participation of about 30 athletic teams are divided into four.

And both witnessed the closing ceremony of the Dean of the Institute of Research and Consultancy, Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed al-Ghamdi and agent Institute Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Qadir Al-Ghamdi and agent Institute for Research and Studies, Dr. Noah Ben Yahia Monthly and in the presence of all the employees of the Institute who witnessed the end of the session.

Dean and crowned Research Institute and Consulting, Dr. Abdullah bin Ahmed al-Ghamdi team Brigadier hero after beating the team in the final Champions penalties.

The ladder both HE Brigadier and agents team Brigadier Cup first place and gold medals and silver medals for the team champions of second-placed, as has happened player Mohammed al-Maliki, the award for best player in the tournament and played on the silky Prize player perfect and got the player Hisham Al-Ghamdi Prize scorer tournament.

The Dean of the Institute of Research and Consultation that these sports leagues develop a spirit of partnership between the employees of the Institute, and that the goal of which is to strengthen the partnership between the members of this Institute, which promotes the spirit of communication between them.

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